Still Life In Lockdown With Amber Shadows

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Oil on canvas

h: 62 w: 92 d: 3 (cms).

A semi-abstract piece that was made during the first Covid lockdown  using pieces that I found around my studio, in the street, on walls, and left outside houses whilst out on my daily walk.

The painting uses bright colours which harmonise with their shadows. Light and shadow is always crucial in my work, along with the spatial relationships between objects. The form and counter-form elements are a pronounced part of the design. Here the warm shadows reflect the long summer days of 2020. Simplified forms are designed on a flattened plane.The idea of space, seperation and counter-form informs the structure of the painting. Objects are isolated from each other, reflecting the time is was painted. I noticed the spaces between people in the local park and it informed my work. 

This painting is part of my 'Still Lives' series, which I began in 2016 using beautiful second-hand and found objects I collected from market stalls and charity shops, mainly around Europe. I worked from my studio developing a painting style that was minimalist in design, incorporating enhanced colour combinations. 

£2300 (Unframed)

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