Gaze (Victorious Secrets)

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Colored pencil

h: 48 w: 60 (cms).

My work has focused on the female body and its vulnerability to different social norms. It examines the experience of finding oneself insecure in one’s own body. In my drawings, unexpected images incorporated in intimate apparel intend to bring humor, surprise, and a shock of recognition. Layers of shadowy images reveal stories, with the hope of leaving a mark on the audience. Two worlds–birthplace and adopted home–live alongside each other in my work, joining intimately at a single point. 

This colored pencil drawing of an intimate lingerie explore interconnected narratives of pain and pleasure through lacy patterns and an image based on a photograph of women’s march for their freedom after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. I use eroticism in my drawings to seduce the viewer, who finds, upon closer inspection, through the layers of colored pencil, past the details of lace and filigree, disruptive iconography narrating inherited histories of nation and belief.

£3300 (Unframed)

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