Golden Shower

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Linocut reduction

h: 34 w: 25 (cms).

Golden Shower is a linocut reduction print from my ongoing Garden Plants of Kenya series - a body of work exploring equatorial and tropical urban flora in print form produced during a year in Kenya.

My method of working up a reduction linocut print begins with an initial, loose plan of the colours and number of layers involved. The print then evolves intuitively as layers are built up from light to dark or taking them down again from dark to light.

A total of 15 layers reduction, the leaves within this particular linocut are built up using a monotype technique of inking up the block - as in a painterly approach, blending the leafy greens colour palette directly on the lino block with a roller, where each print within this edition results as a unique print.

Signed and numbered Unique Print edition of 22.

Linocut carefully hand carved on Japanese vinyl, hand pulled on Fabriano paper with an etching press and using high quality oil based inks.


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