Society of Women Artists

A note from the President of the SWA Soraya French.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 160th annual exhibition of the Society of women Artists.  Encouraged by the success of our 2020 exhibition and to avoid possible setbacks caused by covid-19 restrictions we are once again staging the SWA exhibition online. To mark the 160th anniversary of the Society a virtual tour of the exhibition has been organized to enhance the visual experience for our loyal visitors.   
As in previous years, we have had an overwhelming response to our open call from the UK and beyond culminating in 490 stimulating, engaging and outstanding collection of 2D and 3D works for you to browse through. On behalf of the council, I would like to thank all the talented artists who submitted works and hope to see some of your wonderful art works in our future exhibitions.  

I am delighted to welcome Julie Collins, Kate Milsom, Estelle Day, Bernadette Doolan and Elizabeth Nast as full members of the SWA.  
The selection panel deliberated over a staggering number of applicants for the membership this year and congratulations to a great line up of new associate members Anastasia Shimshilashvili, Michele Ashby, June Carey, Rachel Deacon, Rachel Ducker, Laura Howarth, Pamela Jones, Cathy Lewis, Helen Merrigan Colfer, Eleanor Mill, Julie Oldfield, Katherine Reekie, Pam Stone, Liz Watts. 
We are extremely proud of our long-standing collaboration with Breast Cancer Now and in the absence of our traditional fund-raising evening at the Mall, we are delighted to announce that we shall continue our support by donating a percentage of the sales to this worthy charity.  
I would like to say a huge thank you to all our sponsors whose generosity enables us to offer an impressive lineup of superb awards to our lucky selected winners.   
My grateful thanks to the incredible council and directors of the SWA whose tireless work helps the Society to flourish and to continue to celebrate women’s art.  
Special thanks on behalf of the members and the council of the SWA to our executive secretary Rebecca Cotton for her hard work throughout the year but in particular in bringing this exhibition to fruition.  
Finally, our sincere thanks to our host Andy Laffan & the team at OESS for providing us with the platform to enjoy our 2021 annual exhibition from the safety of our homes over an extended period of 21 September to 31 December. Enjoy the exhibition and we hope to see in person at The Mall Galleries next year.  

Soraya French 
Acting  President Society of Women Artists


Message from Our Patron HRH Princess Michael of Kent.

As Royal Patron of the Society of Women Artists I am delighted that in spite of Covid 19 and all the restrictions that have impinged on our daily lives, this Society has received exceptionally high submissions from Artists throughout the UK and Internationally. Many Young Artists who they encourage with special Awards have been attracted by their Young People’s Art Initiative as well as established and emerging artists of all ages who appreciate the diversity and powerful message that their members, together with New and Associate ones, are sending to the art world. 

The SWA will be showcasing works this year in a virtual walk through gallery as well as online to maximise their platform of Contemporary Art of all genres where some of our leading women artists are not afraid to take risks with flair, talent and integrity 

You can be sure of a warm welcome to this 160th year of exhibiting and the SWA, a modern tradition, look forward to sharing some wonderful 2D and 3D works that hopefully will not only excite but entertain new visitors and old friends. 


HRH Princess Michael of Kent